What Does GG33 Say About Life Path 9?

What Does GG33 Say About Life Path 9?

Leading numerologist Garry Grinberg, aka GG33, is often accused of gatekeeping the number 9. People who belong to Life Path 9 are always looking for more information on this mysterious number. But what exactly has GG33 said to date about Life Path 9?

What is Life Path 9?

In numerology your Life Path number is calculated by taking your full date of birth and adding up the digits. This number is then reduced down to give you a single digit number or master number of 11, 22, or 33.

The number 9 is the last single digit number and is associated with endings, and death and rebirth. 9 Life Paths possess great intelligence, but they can also have an ego that is yet to be justified.

People who are born on the 9th, 18th or 27th a month also carry around a slice of this 9 energy with them even if their Life Path adds up to a different number.

Why does GG33 Gatekeep the Number 9?

When asked directly why he “gatekeeps” the number 9, GG33 said: “It’s very simple. Most people have no clue what it means. Every single numerologist I ever read in my life or every website, every book always said 9 is the number of the humanitarian. If that’s true is Jospeh Stalin a humanitarian who put 50 million people in the ground? Is Heinrich Himmler, the guy who ran the SS, a 9 Life Path, is he a humanitarian?”

GG33 goes onto say that most numerologists have the basics of all the other numbers right except for the number 9. He also mentions how he developed the theory of the number 28 relating to wealth himself and put it out into the mainstream and received little to no credit. He says that’s never going to happen again and he will “gatekeep the 9”.

Another reason the numerologist has given for not providing much information on 9 Life Paths is that “he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings.”

Having said that, Garry has put out a limited amount of information relating to 9 Life Paths and people born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th. We’ll look at the positive and negatives of having 9 energy below.

What is Associated with Life Path 9?

The Positives


According to GG33, one of the greatest strengths of people with 9 energy is their ability to adapt to any situation. He says: “People born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th can adapt to anything. Any situation.”

Life Path 9’s and those born on 9 days are able to adapt to the people and environments around them. The numerologist says 9’s “can be put in the hood or a high-class society and adapt.” They are also resourceful and can adapt to high pressure situations.  


While GG33 thinks 9 Life Paths have their flaws, he admits they are usually intelligent. He states: “I’ve always said 9’s are in intelligent. No one denies that. I’ve said that after the 33 and the 7, 9’s are really smart. Like a gifted child.”

He goes on to say there’s that if they dedicate themselves to their art they can achieve a lot, saying: “There’s some people I’ve met who are masters, not master numbers, they’ve done a lot of mastery as human beings.”


Life Path 9’s can use their intelligence and adaptability to read trading markets such as crypto. GG33 says: “One thing I will give 9’s credit for is crypto. They’re really good at crypto.” He goes on to say: “9’s have made a lot of money in crypto. Especially Bitcoin.”

The Negatives


GG33 has witnessed a trend of a large percentage of Life Path 9’s and people with 9 energy being addicts, specifically drug addicts. The numerologist says: “People who are 9’s tend to be drug addicts. It doesn’t mean that everyone who is a 9 is. It means a high percentage of them are.”

Famous 9’s such as Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, and Machine Gun Kelly are known for their drug-use. GG33 says: “If you go to any drug rehab clinic you’ll see what I’m talking about. Most of those people are going to be 9’s.”

Unrealized Potential & Egotism

One of GG33’s main gripes with Life Path 9’s and people born on the 9th, 18th or 27th is their egotism. He believes a large percentage of 9’s drift through life without achieving anything. He says: “I’ve seen a lot more successful numbers than the number 9. For example 7’s, 3’s. There’s a lot more successful numbers than 9. But you know what I haven’t seen? As many f#ck ups as I’ve seen with 9.”

The numerologist believes that 9’s have unjustifiably large egos considering many fail to achieve much in their lives. He says: “Most of the people who I’ve seen who have big heads, haven’t accomplished nothing in life are 9’s. It’s a pattern.”

Humanitarian Myth

According to a number of numerologists the number 9 is the number of the humanitarian, with Mother Teresa often used as an example of this. GG33 however debates this, stating that multiple Life Path 9’s are responsible for mass genocide. He references Russian dictator Jospeh Stalin, and leader of the Nazi SS Heinrich Himmler who were responsible for major atrocities across Europe.


GG33’s criticisms of Life Path 9’s when he does provide limited information has caused a backlash among Life Path 9’s and people born on 9 days. He’s since referred to them as “sensitive Beta male 9’s.”  

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