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What Does GG33 Say About Life Path 33?

Garry Grinberg, aka GG33, is the most famous numerologist in the world and is responsible for bringing occult knowledge into the mainstream. He’s a 33 Life Path – but what does GG33 say about Life Path 33?

What is Life Path 33?

In numerology the number 33 is one of the master numbers along with 11 and 22. It is the highest frequency of all numbers. People who are 33 Life Paths are referred to as the “master teachers” or “master influences.” They are extremely knowledgeable and have a highly influential energy about them.

What is Associated with Life Path 33?

The Highest Frequency

Numerologist GG33 says Life Path 33 is “the highest frequency you can reach.” It’s the number with the highest vibration out of all the numbers. Garry explains the power of the 33 by saying: “If you’re a 1, 5, 9 and you’re attacking a master life path it’s most likely going to backfire on you because they’re on a higher vibrational plane. It’s like someone with a bow and arrow trying to attack a tank.”

He goes on to say that you should never attempt to take on a master number and 33 Life Path’s in particular: “If you raise your hand in a negative attempt against a 33 life’s going to get bad for you."


With 33 Life Path’s having such a high level of vibration it makes them highly influential. They are often gifted with innate knowledge. GG33 says: “33 is the most influential number there is.”

33 is the number of the master teacher. Albert Einstein is a 33 Life Path for example. GG33 states: “33 is the number of influence. People throughout history who have had that number have been extremely influential."

The influence that the number 33 has can be exemplified in the following analogy: “At 32 Fahrenheit, water is still frozen. At 33 it becomes liquid. So, it basically shows you once you’ve reached that 33 level you basically become enlightened.”

The numerologist believes that the number 33 was purposely attached to Jesus to give him more influence. He says: “Why did they say Jesus died at age 33? 33 is the most influential number there is. They wanted to attach the man to influence.” Jesus is perhaps the most prominent figure in modern history.

More recent examples of 33 Life Paths include Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. GG33 explains how he’s left his mark on the world: “Robert Kiyosaki is a 33 Life Path and he did what he was meant to do and influenced many people.” Music artist XXXTentacion was a 33 Life Path who influenced an entire generation through his music and videos of himself. He possessed great occult knowledge such as The Laws of the Universe which he conveyed to his audience to try and uplift them.

GG33 says that 33 Life Paths have such an incredible aura that “just being around 33 Life Paths raises up your game.”


Life Path 33’s are very intelligent people and they often become innovators in their field. GG33 explains that “it’s always the 33’s who are trailblazers.”

Albert Einstein is one of the most influential scientists in history, The Wright Brothers invented flight, Thomas Edison was involved with the invention of electric lights, and James Naismith invented basketball. All were 33 Life Paths.

The power of the 33 is still strong. In more recent times, Vince McMahon has transformed professional wrestling into a billion dollar entertainment business.

Old Souls

Like the other master numbers, 11 and 22, people who are 33 Life Paths are considered to be “old souls”. GG33 says: “It’s a very exclusive club, let me tell you what it basically means. You had to be reincarnated quite a few times to earn that right. You can’t just be the 33, you’ve got to go through the trials and tribulations, the 1 through 9, the 11 and 22 to actually reach that.”

Advice for Life Path 33’s

Numerologist GG33 provides the following advice to 33 Life Paths so they can reach their full potential:

  • “Be one of those people where you shove your opinion down people’s throats. You do that you’ll succeed as a 33.”
  • “33 Life Paths are here to teach.”
  • “This is your world. You have to decide if you want to make it a better place or not. You have to decide if you’re going to manifest for good or negativity.”
  • “We’ve been given free will and our ability to manifest can’t be matched.”

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