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How to Make Money With Astrology Guide

How to Make Money With Astrology Guide

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Use your astrology to your advantage!

Your birth chart in astrology indicates how you can have success in life and fulfil your potential. By using your astrology placements to your advantage you can create the life of your dreams!

In this digital guide you’ll learn about your specific placements relating to your career and making money. You will find out your best career path, how you can build wealth, extra income streams your suited to, and your life purpose according to your own unique astrology. 

The guide is split into three in-depth sections that covers 37 pages:

  • Finding Your Career Destiny
  • How You Can Make More Money
  • Your Life Purpose

Why choose the How to Make Money With Astrology Guide?

The guide contains a link where you can see your birth chart for free. We then teach you the placements that relate to the above three topics. All you have to do is read the easy-to-follow instructions and see where these placements are in your chart. Once you’ve found each of these placements, the guide will tell you how you can maximize each of these areas of your life.

We’ve used the whole house system in Western Astrology and the traditional planetary rulers to create this guide.

This guide is perfect for anyone wanting to know the best career path for them. If you hate your current job, it’s likely that your soul isn’t aligned with it and you’re in the wrong career. This guide tells you the careers where you’ll have the most success.

The guide also explains the best ways you can build wealth depending on your placements. It explains the best ways of making more money through your career and through other sources based on your astrology.

If you life is aligned with your soul purpose you will achieve all your dreams and desires. In the final section you will find out why you were put on earth and what your specific life purpose is. Once you know this you can attract abundance with ease!

Who is the Guide For?

  • Anyone wanting to know their best career path
  • Anyone wanting to make more money and build wealth
  • Anyone wanting to find their purpose in life

What are you waiting for? Your birth chart contains absolute cheat codes on how you can make money and build wealth. Get the guide now! 💰

The guide is a digital download in .pdf format (37 pages)

Includes FREE How to Find Love With Astrology Guide ❤️

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