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What Does GG33 Say About Life Path 11?

GG33 is a numerologist to the rich and famous. He believes that our date of birth can be added up to give us a unique Life Path number. Life Path 11 is considered as one of the three “master numbers” – but what does GG33 say about Life Path 11?

What is Life Path 11?

The number 11 is associated with charisma, intuition, and emotions. It’s the first of the master numbers alongside 22 and 33. People who are 11 Life Paths are considered to be old souls.

There is no Life Path 2 according to GG33, so if your date of birth reduces to the number 2 when you calculate your Life Path you are in fact a Life Path 11.

Those born on the 11th and 29th of a month also possess some of this 11 energy even if their main Life Path number is different. As do people born on the 20th of a month (as according to GG33 2+0 becomes 11 as the 2 Life Path doesn’t exist).

What is Associated with Life Path 11?


Life Path 11’s are blessed with charisma and are able to build large followings. Kanye West and Logan Paul are good examples of this. GG33 explains that when you’re an 11LP “people gravitate towards you.”

People who aren’t 11 Life Paths but are born on an 11 day are also blessed with charisma. GG33 says: “Some of the most charismatic people in show business are born on the 11th or 29th.”  He notes Joe Rogan and Hulk Hogan are both born on the 11th August.

A lot of politicians tend to be 11 Life Paths. GG33 says: “Barack Obama is an 11 Life Path – he’s charismatic as hell.” Former president Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama also belong to this Life Path.


People belonging to Life Path 11 can be very emotional. They have to strive to control their emotions. GG33 says: “11 is about emotional energy.” Kanye West is a prime example of his emotions getting the better of him. He often struggles to remain calm and collected and goes on public rants.

Conor McGregor is a Life Path 11 and can be emotionally unpredictable. He used this to his advantage and was able to increase his profile and build a huge following through his outbursts and rants.

GG33 states: “As an 11 you can be a master visionary or you can do what most 11’s do that can’t control their emotions which is basically be destructive.”


Life Path 11’s are also very emotionally aware and have great intuition. GG33 says: “As an 11 you can feel people’s energy. When someone’s around you and they’re pissed off, they’re sad, you don’t need to look at them – you feel it.”

People belonging to Life Path 11 often possess occult knowledge and are interested in astrology and numerology. GG33 says Kyrie Irving “knows about all of this.” LP11 Irving in fact wears the number 11 on his jersey. Conor McGregor is also in tune with his intuition and is renowned for using visualization techniques and the law of attraction to manifest his success.

Old Souls

As mentioned, people gravitate towards master numbers such as 11 Life Paths. GG33 says: “People who have 11 energy tend to be old souls.” Others can sense that 11 Life Paths are knowledgeable and often come to them for advice. The numerologist continues: “People always see you and they’ll open up to you. Start telling you their problems. Start coming to you for guidance.”

GG33 believes that to be born as 11 Life Path you’re an old soul that’s experienced may incarnations. He says: “11’s are old souls. That basically means you’ve been reincarnated quite a few times to have a right to have that energy.”


Along with being blessed with charisma, emotional intelligence, and intuition, GG33 says “11 Life Paths are extremely athletic.” He says that “most athletes tend to be 1’s or 11’s.”

Basketball greats Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant are 11 Life Paths, along with current players Kyrie Irving and Devin Booker.

GG33 explains that Life Path 11’s often develop strong bonds and pass their knowledge along. He says: “Kobe Bryant learnt everything he knew from Michael Jordan. And guess who Kobe mentored? Kyrie Irving. All are 11 Life Paths.”

Advice for Life Path 11’s

GG33 provides the following advice for Life Path 11’s and anyone with 11 energy (those born on 11th, 20th or 29th of a month):

  • “You’re extremely emotional and that’s your lesson in life – to learn to control your emotional energy.”
  • “Don’t let the emotional energy control you.”
  • “7 and 11 are soul mates. Those two numbers get along so well.”
  • “I always recommend 7’s and 11’s marry each other.”

One of GG33’s top mentees AK33 has the following advice for 11’s:

  • “Avoid getting caught up in petty drama and emotions.”
  • “Don’t let your feelings get the better of you.”
  • “Take charge of your emotions, don’t let them control you.”
  • “Think big and envision grand possibilities.”
  • “Strive to be the best of the best.”
  • “Stay focused on your goals, and harness the power of your intuition.”

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