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The Wisdom of XXXTentacion - 33 Best Quotes

XXXTentacion captured the hearts and minds of a generation through his music and philosophical views. He possessed wisdom well beyond his years. His powerful messages live on today through his lyrics, interviews and video clips.

Who was XXXTentacion?

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known by his stage name XXXTentacion, was born on January 23rd, 1998 in Plantation, Florida. He experienced a troubled childhood and began expressing his trauma through his music as a teenager. His lyrics covered topics such as depression, alienation and lonerism.

XXXTentacion’s music was progressive, featuring inspiration from emo, indie punk rock, R&B, rap and numerous other genres. His eclectic style, raw lyrics and angelic singing voice earned him a cult following. Multiple allegations of violence increased his fame.

There were essentially two sides to XXXTentacion; the troubled, rebellious teenager who dwelled on his misfortunes, and the inspiring, philosophical gift sent from the heavens to help a generation of teenagers as they fought trauma and depression. Both sides can be seen in his music which ranges from aggressive rap to melodic singing. His interviews however, show extensive understanding of the universe, esoteric knowledge and different philosophies.

Where did the name XXXTentaction come from?

Onfroy stated that the name XXXTentacion means “unknown temptation”. He said that the numeral “X” means unknown to him and that “tentacion” means temptation is Latin. He went on to say that his life revolves around unknown temptation. He thought of the name while in juvenile bootcamp.

How did XXXTentacion die?

XXXTentacion died on June 18, 2018 at the age of 20 as he was leaving Riva Motorsports Motorcycle & Marine Superstore in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Two armed men blocked his vehicle with a Dodge Journey SUV as he was exiting the parking lot. The two men reportedly tried to rob the star before shooting him multiple times. He was pronounced dead at the nearby Broward Health North hospital.

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy left behind a legacy through the powerful messages in his music and his words.

XXXTentacion’s Best Quotes

X was a 33 Life Path making him a “master teacher”. People on this life path are gifted with immense knowledge and powers of influence. We’ve curated some of XXXTentacion’s best quotes which can help you with your self-growth and inspire your self-improvement as you navigate life.

XXXTentacion on Self-Improvement

“Pay attention to what you’re doing in your life because your life is right in front of you. Everything you need is right in front of you.”

“The people who struggle the most are getting the hardest will to succeed in the end. I promise you – you will not have the hardest life forever. Everything will come to you. What you deserve will come to you.”

“That’s the cool part about the game (life); you get to be anybody you want to be.”

“Do not be toxic. Do not take my words and twist them and turn them negative. I want for everybody that follows me and supports me to make sure you are being healthy in mind, being caring and compromising for the ones you love.”

“No one can tell you who to be. So, on purpose you have to create your own purpose.”

“You have to evolute towards that purpose. It’s easier to live when you have goals to meet. If you have goals to meet then you don’t feel so voided and you understand why every day you’re looking at this person in the mirror.”

Love Yourself

“Your self-respect is what matters. You cannot have a good life or have other people respect you if you don’t respect yourself.”

“Make yourself happy.”

“In order to reach that next level of happiness you have to love yourself.”

“To feel good you need to increase your self-love, you need to increase the amount of time that you spend with yourself.”

Follow Your Dreams

“I just really wanted to tell you guys that it does not matter what your dream is or what your goal is - you make sure that it is your prime priority to follow what you believe is good for you. Do not live your life trying to impress someone else.”

“Everybody’s gonna get their chance, whether you play ball, play football, whether you box, whether you wrestle, whether you swim, whether you want to be the next Michael Phelps, the next track star, the next guy that races cars, if you want to design the next car, the next phone, design the next big laptop, the next shoe, the next sock, the next pants, the next hat – everyone’s going to get their turn. And I want everybody to acquire this knowledge and acquire this hope.”

“Raise your hand if you have a dream. Make sure you follow your dreams. F#ck what anybody else tries to tell you to do. Follow your dreams. You hear me? Follow your f#cking dreams!”

“If you believe in something you can achieve it.”

XXXTentacion’s Philosophy

“If you can’t free your mind, you’re a slave to this realm.”

“The whole goal is you live and then you die. You can die plenty of times while you’re alive. The ideal physical death is completion. You served your purpose then you went.”

“If you want something so bad and you speak it into power, you wish it into power – it’ll happen.”

“The eye on the top of the pyramid is the third eye. The third eye ideally is the human mind. So, the more you think about it – the way to get yourself up the pyramid scheme is to use your brain.”

“Any negativity being sent my way is being transmuted into positive energy.”

“What is real will prosper. That’s what I live by.”

“I feel like people think the older you are the more knowledge you have, but I feel like I have far more knowledge than anybody.”

“I’ve been through a lot, I’ve experienced a lot, I feel knowledge comes with experience.”

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Be a Good Person

“You can’t care for someone if you don’t love yourself.”

“There was a point where I wanted to be the villain and it’s not fun. It doesn’t attract anything that you truly want.

“It’s better to be respected through love rather than fear.”

“You can have an amazing career, you can have the most money, you can have all of these things, but if you’re not growing as a person. If you can’t look at yourself and consider yourself a good person and you can’t be satisfied with yourself – what are you really?”

“What makes a good person? Someone with ideals, someone with motives, someone that cares about others, someone that can think broad rather than a narrow mind. Someone that’s not afraid to take risks, someone that’s not afraid to feel pain, someone who’s not afraid to go through physical or mental torture.”

XXXTentacion on Love

“The key to love is compromise. Instead of getting angry. Instead of leaving – which is the never the answer because you will never find love in leaving. That’s pride. That wont work out. Because then it’ll just be an egotistical battle.”

“Get off the cellphone, get off the internet, be a person and learn how to love yourself. So that way we can end this cycle of hate. There will be more love in the streets. More genuine love, more genuine care for people.”

Change Your Perception

“Don’t look at everything else as the problem. Look at yourself and see how you can change yourself to where nothing bothers you – to where you’re unbothered about a lot of things. It’s changing your perception that changes the world around you.”

“Life is a matter of perception. Everything is a riddle. You can simplify if you diversify your thought.”

“Doesn’t matter how dark it gets. The sun will always come out again.”

“It’s the small things that we don’t appreciate. In order to appreciate everything you have to be very analytical. In being analytical you start to observe the world in a different manner. Even how you approach people, even how you move, even how you think. You change the way you think – you change the way you perceive the world.”

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