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Gary Brecka - Why You Should Filter Your Tap Water

Gary Brecka is a human biologist known for transforming the health of celebrities such as UFC head honcho Dana White. The human biohacker advocates fasting, eating whole foods, using saunas and cold water exposure. He also advises everyone to stop drinking tap water. But what should we do instead?  

The Importance of Water

Our bodies are made up of up to 60% water. We simply cannot live without drinking water, therefore the quality of water that we put into our bodies is of the upmost importance. Gary Brecka exclaims out of all of his health recommendations that “water’s the most important thing.”

“Today should be the day that you never drink tap water again.”

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Brecka stated: “One of the things I tell people to permanently get out of their lives, beside GMO foods is tap water. Today should be the day that you never drink tap water again.”

The Dangers of Tap Water

Why should we stop drinking tap water? Well, tap water contains a number of contaminants that simply shouldn’t be in there and shouldn’t be consumed by the human body. It contains toxins such as fluoride, chlorine, microplastics, heavy metals and even residue from pharmaceuticals.

Fluoride in Tap Water

Governments claim fluoride is added to tap water to protect teeth and prevent tooth decay. However, studies have shown that fluoride lowers IQ levels. Gary Brecka supports this notion and has strong views on the dangers of fluoride. He says: “Never, never, never ever again drink water out of the tap. If you have seen the clinical trials, the clinical studies in the last 15 months coming out on fluoride they are absolutely devastating.”

Brecka continues:

“If you don’t believe me you can go to the National Institute of Health and look up the study yourself. There is zero levels of safe fluoride in human beings. It’s a neurotoxin. They find that the higher the fluoride concentration in the water, the lower the IQ in every state where they’ve studied this. So, stop drinking tap water.”

Chlorine in Tap Water

Tap water travels through pipes that are decades old and filled with contaminants. The thought of this alone is enough to stop you taking another sip of water out of the faucet. Gary Brecka states: “I’m a psycho about filtering my water because I live in Miami and the water comes into a condo unit. God knows where those pipes have been before it gets in there.”

Chlorine is another known contaminant found regularly in tap water around the world. The biohacker did a test to see if chlorine was present in his drinking water.

He explains: “I just took two glasses of tap water then I had my production manager hold four of his fingers in the water for sixty seconds then he took his fingers out and I used chlorine drops and I actually measured the amounts of chlorine in each glass. One glass turned bright yellow showing the presence of chlorine where he did not put his hand. The other glass which was from the same tap showed no chlorine showing that in sixty seconds it went right transdermal – so the body absorbed that chlorine right out of the water. Now you’re showering with that, you’re drinking it, you’re brushing your teeth with it, you’re bathing in it, you’re washing your face with it in mornings so right there before everybody’s eyes they were like ‘wow!’”

Microplastics in Tap water

In addition to fluoride and chlorine, another unwelcome guest hanging around in our water is microplastics. These tiny plastic particles are increasingly contaminating tap water, posing significant risks to human health and the environment.

Research suggests that microplastics can carry toxic chemicals, which can leach into the water and enter human bodies through drinking tap water as well as bottled water. The ingestion of these particles and associated toxins is linked to various health issues, including endocrine disruption, which can affect hormone regulation, and increased risks of certain cancers and reproductive problems.

Heavy Metals in Tap Water

Another serious concern when it comes to tap water is an increasing amount of heavy metals being found in it.

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic can enter drinking water through industrial discharge, agricultural runoff, and corrosion of plumbing systems. Lead, for instance, is notoriously dangerous and can cause neurological damage, particularly in children, leading to developmental delays, learning difficulties, and behavioral issues. Similarly, prolonged exposure to arsenic is associated with an increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and skin conditions.

Pharmaceuticals in Tap Water

Just to top it off, pharmaceuticals that are not properly disposed of can find their way into our drinking water. Wastewater treatment plants are often not equipped to completely remove pharmaceutical compounds.

Gary Brecka has recently become aware of the worrying increase of pharmecuitcal residue being found in tap water.

He says: “I read the study recently on the amount of pharmaceuticals (in tap water), I knew about glyphosate, obviously chlorine, fluoride. I want to get out of the water. Bacteria, viruses – of course we want to get those out of the water but microplastics now and even trace elements of pharmaceuticals that have gone down the sewer. Treatment plants are not really effective at getting those out and it comes back out of our faucet and you’re drinking all of that.”

Start Filtering Your Water

So, what should we be drinking to avoid consuming fluoride, chlorine, microplastics, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and other contaminants?

The answer is taking water from the tap and filtering it to remove these contaminants. The best way of doing this is using something called a reverse osmosis system.

Gary Brecka states:

“My suggestion is you look for a water filtration system, preferably something called a reverse osmosis system – that’s what I use. Look for a system that at a minimum will get the chlorine and the fluoride out of your water.”

He continues:

“This thing will de-structure the water, get all the microplastics, fluoride, chlorine, even all the pharmaceutical elements – it will completely de-structure the water.”

You can invest in reverse osmosis systems that go under the sink as well as countertop machines. Pitchers that filter your tap water are also available.

By investing in a reverse osmosis system you are getting the vast majority of contaminants out of the water and hydrating your body with clean, pure water. You are literally drinking to your health. 

Re-Mineralize Your Water

Some reverse osmosis systems can take out some beneficial minerals from water such as magnesium. However, you can simply remedy this by adding electrolytes or celtic sea salt to your freshly filtered water.

Gary Brecka says: “You can always add minerals to your water after it’s been filtered. There are tons of great companies out there that make electrolyte supplements.”

“I use a reverse osmosis filter in my home then I take the water after it goes through a reverse osmosis filter and I personally add hydrogen because I believe hydrogenated water is the best water you can put into the human body.”

Put your health first and start filtering your water. Learn more here

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