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Dana White’s Before & After Body Transformation – How Gary Brecka Saved His Life

Before UFC head honcho Dana White met health expert Gary Brecka he was struggling to tie his shoe laces, suffering from sleep apnoea, and passing out during meetings. Brecka was able to solve White’s problems and almost triple his life expectancy. But how exactly did he help Dana White’s incredible body transformation?

Dana White and Gary Brecka

Dana White was struggling with a number of health issues when he contacted Gary Brecka and his 10X team. The team did White’s bloodwork and analyzed it to get to the root of each problem. The lab that analyzed the blood rang Brecka in the middle of the night to give him a life-threatening alert call.

The UFC boss confesses “I was on the verge of a stroke or a heart attack.” The level of triglycerides in his blood was at such a high level that his life was in immediate danger. The bloodwork highlighted a number of other issues so Gary Brecka immediately flew out to talk to White in person.

Gary Brecka predicted life expectancy for the insurance industry before starting his own company. He’s improved the lives of countless people, many of which are celebrities. Dana White states that “in 5 months this guy completely changed my life.”

Dana White Before

When Dana White contacted Gary Brecka he was 52 years old. He suffered from sleep apnoea which his colleagues claimed made him gag and snore while sleeping on planes. Doctors gave him a CPAP machine to help his breathing while sleeping but White claims it didn’t work. The apnoea got so bad that White was regularly waking up in the middle of the night and throwing up due to the gagging. He was also losing his voice on a regular basis. The lack of sleep was effecting him in day-to-day life, with staff saying that he was forgetful and passing out during meetings.

The MMA kingpin claims, “There were a lot of different problems with me that were going on, that I’ve been talking to doctors for, for 10 years. None of them could fix any of my problems.”

He said he had, “Sleep apnoea, problems with my legs, I had problems I didn’t even realize I had that doctors didn’t even tell me.” A doctor in Los Angeles recommended that he had his tonsils cut out to widen his throat. Through working with Brecka he found out that his sleep apnoea was caused by inflammation in his throat.

In his initial meeting with Dana White, Brecka correctly predicted that he had high amounts of fatigue and brain fog, sleep apnoea, and that he struggles to tie his shoe laces due to pain in his legs and feet. White was amazed by the accuracy of Brecka’s predictions which he’d formed by looking at his bloodwork and gene report. White said, “He told me things about me that I didn’t even tell anybody. He knew just by looking at my blood.”

In an interview Brecka stated that Dana White was on seven different medications. White himself stated that, “I’ve been on blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine, and cholesterol medicine for over 10 years. Probably 15 years. Now, in 5 months I’m literally on none of that medication.

After meeting Dana White, Gary Brecka put together a plan of action to improve every area of the UFC boss’ health. The bloodwork helped to highlight all the health problems he was suffering from.

Dana White After

Dana White’s Before & After Body Transformation - Ascendment
Dana White's Before & After Body Transformation

After 5 months of meeting with Gary Brecka, Dana White was off all prescription drugs, he’d lost 44 pounds of bodyweight and he was no longer using the CPAP machine for the sleep apnoea that had plagued him. While Brecka usually refuses to provide life expectancy predictions now, White was adamant to discover what his new life expectancy was. His original bloodwork suggested the 52 year old had a life expectancy of just 10.3 years. This figure almost tripled after 5 months of following Brecka’s tailored protocols.

Why was Dana White’s life expectancy so low? There were a number of issues found in the bloodwork. White complained of inflammation, especially in his legs and feet. Gary Brecka states that, “Homocysteine is one of the most inflammatory compounds in the human body. It’s an amino acid – when it rises it causes a lot of havoc in the body.” While working with Brecka, Dana’s homocysteine levels fell from 21.5 to 11.7. The reduction in inflammation can also be seen in his improved liver function.

Triglycerides refers to the level of fat in the bloodstream. Healthy levels are around 150. Dana White’s triglyceride levels were at a life-threatening 764. This gave him something called claudication which was giving White issues with tying his shoe laces. After working with Brecka this level went down to 143.

The bloodwork also measured Haemoglobin A1C levels which is a 3 month average of your blood sugar. Brecka stated that, “At 6.0 he was not only pre-diabetic, he was 4/10 of a point away from becoming diabetic. He’s now at 5.3 which is perfectly normal blood sugar.”

Dana White also had high levels of insulin resistance. Incredibly, his insulin level is down from 32.4 to 3.4. Total Cholesterol went from 243 to 173. VLDL (Very Low Density Lipoprotein) fell from 133 to 26 which is an 80% decrease. Brecka likens VLDL to chewing gum floating around the bloodstream. White no longer needs to take cholesterol medication after his body transformation.

The high levels of insulin found in the original bloodwork had a knock-on effect with Brecka stating that, “When your insulin is so high – called insulin resistance your body can’t burn fat. When you can’t burn fat where’s the first place it builds up? It builds up in the blood which is why his triglycerides were so high.”

In summary, after working with Gary Brecka for 5 months Dana White no longer has life threatening levels of triglycerides, he’s longer pre-diabetic, no longer has insulin resistance, his kidney and liver function have improved, and his immune system has strengthened. As mentioned, he’s no longer taking any prescribed medication.

How did Dana White Transform His Body?

Just how did Gary Brecka mastermind Dana White’s incredible body transformation?


The key thing that Brecka implemented in Dana White’s body transformation was a change in diet and the foods he eats. Brecka decided the best route was a ketogenic reset diet. White now only eats from a list of approved foods that Brecka has provide him. Dana White’s current diet includes whole foods such as:

  • Steak
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Nuts

White says it’s easy to stick to even when eating out. He just makes sure he remembers to cut out carbs and sugar. Brecka said, “He’s eating healthy, regular meals. And he gets the majority of his caloric intake from healthy fat. It’s hard to wrap your head around the concept that if you have really high fat in the blood you need to eat a high clean fat diet in order to bring that down and that’s exactly what happened to him.”


Since meeting Brecka, Dana Whites perception of exercise has changed. While he used to workout previously, he states his goals have changed. He’s no longer interested in building muscle and being “big”. White prioritizes weight routines that improve his cardiovascular system. White now works out every day using light weights and high reps. In his words he “doesn’t want to get fat and doesn’t want to get hurt.” He implements supersets and high reps which adds a more cardiovascular aspect to weight training. He doesn’t do any standard cardiovascular workouts such as using an exercise bike or treadmill.

Cold Water Exposure

Dana White loves to use a cold plunge and says that cold water exposure is his “drug of choice”. He takes a cold plunge every single day. He has one at his house and if hotels don’t have one when traveling he gets one sent there. White says the dopamine rush from cold water exposure can last for up to 2 hours.

Not only is cold water exposure good for releasing feel-good hormones, Gary Brecka mentions that it strips fat off your body, elevates your mood, improves your emotional state, and forces oxygen into the core of your body which causes your liver, lungs, pancreas, kidneys and brain to receive more oxygen.


Gary Brecka stated that Dana White took an amino acid called trimethyl glycine which helped to improved his health significantly. This particular amino acid made up for a genetic deficiency that Brecka noticed in the bloodwork. The supplement helped his level of homocysteine to fix the insulin resistance and to reduce his triglycerides.


Dana White had a life expectancy of just 10.3 years when he met health expert Gary Brecka. Brecka got to the root of White’s health problems using bloodwork and a gene test. He then put White on a protocol tailored to his needs. The biggest change was his diet, which is a ketogenic reset diet containing whole foods with carbs and sugar being avoided. This dietary change combined with the use of specific supplements, daily exercises and cold water exposure tripled Dana White’s life expectancy in a matter of months. He no longer needs to take the 7 different prescription drugs he was previously taking for his health problems. Gary Brecka helped White get rid of sleep apnoea, lower his blood pressure, reduce inflammation, reduce the life-threatening levels of triglycerides in his blood, and lose over 40lbs of body fat.  

Discover Gary Brecka's full approved food list here. 

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