Gary Brecka - Why You Should Drink Hydrogen Water

Gary Brecka - Why You Should Drink Hydrogen Water

Gary Brecka is a human biologist and biohacker who has transformed the health of celebrities including Steve Aoki, Dana White and Steve Harvey. He advocates cold water exposure, fasting and eating whole foods. He also recommends drinking hydrogen water to improve your health – but what are benefits of drinking hydrogen water?

What is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water is regular water with hydrogen gas added to the water. Clinical trials suggest drinking hydrogen water provides numerous health benefits. Gary Brecka states: “Hydrogen water is, in my opinion, the most beneficial type of water you can drink.”

The Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen Water

A number of research studies have been conducted on the benefits of hydrogen water with these studies suggesting that it can have the following benefits:

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Gary Brecka states that there are over 1,400 studies looking into the benefits of hydrogen water on the mind and body. He says: “The big takeaway from this is – if you want to be putting the best water in your body, period, full stop, end of story – it should be hydrogenated water. Water with excess hydrogen to feed gut flora, for bacteria, for inflammation, for its oxidative reduction potential, for your brain.”

The gut is known as our second brain. Neurotransmitters are passed along the gut-brain axis, essentially sending messages to one another. The condition of our gut is vitally important, and it must be nourished with good bacteria. Brecka continues: “There are all kinds of peer-reviewed, published clinical studies on the benefits of hydrogen water including reduced inflammation, better absorption of your supplements, better absorption of your foods, better balance of stomach acid, and it feeds an entire class of bacteria in your gut.”

Hydrogen water reportedly feeds a type of bacteria called hydrophiles in your stomach, and also helps to improve the absorption of nutrients and supplements in the stomach.

How to Drink Hydrogen Water

The positive findings from clinical studies on the benefits of hydrogen water have seen an increase in related products being created. They range from portable hydrogen bottles that you can travel with to hydrogen water pitchers for the house. To remove contaminants like chlorine, lead and fluoride you can also install a reverse osmosis machine in your kitchen. This gives you pure, great-tasting water straight from your kitchen tap which you can then add hydrogen to using the water bottle or pitcher. 

Gary Brecka carries a portable hydrogen bottle with him when he’s on the move: “You can add hydrogen to your water when you're done. I actually have a little hydrogen bottle and you fill it with water, and you just hit a little button and it adds hydrogen ions to the water. I never go anywhere without it.”


Gary Brecka believes that hydrogen water is the type of water that provides the most benefits for the human body and mind. Hydrogen water is regular water with excess hydrogen gas added to it. Studies have found that drinking hydrogen water reduces inflammation, boosts athletic performance, reduces bad cholesterol, reduces fatigue, improves mood and reduces anxiety, and reduces stress. You can drink hydrogen water using water bottles that add hydrogen ions to regular water or you can buy a hydrogen water machine for your kitchen.

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