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Sara Saffari Quotes - Gym Advice and Motivation

Who is Sara Saffari?

Sara Saffari is a 22 year old fitness influencer from Kentucky known for her sparkling personality and washboard abs. She's now based in Los Angeles and has amassed a huge following on Youtube and her social media platforms. 

Sara Saffari Quotes, Advice & Motivation

How Sara Saffari got into fitness

“I was really skinny. I weighed like 100 pounds and I wasn’t eating so I wanted to put on weight and I wanted it to not just be fat. I wanted it to look good so I started working out.”

“The first thing that got me passionate about fitness was seeing girls on Tik Tok and wishing that I had their physique. That kept me motivated.”

Tips for starting out in the gym

“I would watch a lot of girls on Tik Tok. I would go to the gym and I would try to do the workouts but I’d be watching other people doing their workouts so next time I’d go in I’d know how to do it.”

“I would ask people I knew at the gym or my friends, or even people I didn’t know how to perform exercises. It doesn’t hurt to ask.”

“I know if people were to ask me at the gym how to do something, or if I see younger girls at the gym, I just love to help them.”

“If you were to ask people you don’t even know they would love to help you.”  

“The three biggest mistakes beginners make are not training with intensity, not having your diet dialled in, and you’ve got to sleep 8ish hours every night because muscle grows in your sleep.”

On Confidence

“I think I’ve definitely become more confident since doing social media, but I don’t think I really struggled with it. But now I just don’t care. It’s just a matter of not caring.”

The Importance of Discipline

“I think for me what motivates me to keep lifting it just to be better. So, every time I go and work out I just try and be better than I was the day prior.”

“My best quality is that I’m very disciplined. It’s just the something that’s implemented into who I am.”

“Regardless of what it is you’re trying to achieve; whether you’re working a minimum wage job, or going to school, or going to the gym, you just have to want to get better.”

Sara Saffari’s Training Routine

“My training split: Monday, Wednesday, Friday I hit legs and then Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday I alternate between push and pull.”

“Monday – quads and calves, Wednesday – glutes and hamstrings, Friday is like a combination of both. Tuesday is push, Thursday is pull, Saturday is arms, Sunday is chest and back. I don’t have a designated rest day, but whatever day I can’t get in there is the day I’ll just kind of write it off.”

“I train abs 4 times a week just for 5 minutes at the end of my workouts.”

“I don’t do cardio. I might go on a walk now and again but that’s about it.”

How Sara Saffari got her Abs

“First of all, you need to be in a caloric deficit. Less body fat you can see the ab muscles. You also need to strengthen your core.”

“A caloric deficit is to be burning more calories than you are consuming.”

“For me, to help me be in a caloric deficit I do intermittent fasting. Ryan Reynolds does it and he’s beautiful, so I’ve been doing it. I workout fasted, I don’t eat until 2pm and I stop eating at 8.30pm.”

“I only do a few ab exercises like hanging leg raises. Besides that I do the ab roller.”

“Another good exercise for abs is weighted Russian twists. It helps core stability as well as building the muscles.”

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