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Sadhguru’s Approved Food List – What Does Sadhguru Eat?

Sadhguru is an Indian yogi who describes himself as being “dedicated to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of humanity”. The founder of the Isha Foundation, is known for his spiritual talks on self-improvement, but what does he recommend we eat to become the healthiest versions of ourselves?

Pranic Foods

The phrase “you are what you eat” is commonly heard in the Western world, and Sadhghuru believes in a similar concept. He says that “what goes into your tank will determine how you function.”

The spiritual leader categorizes food into the energy it provides the body and mind. He explains: “In the yogic culture, we classify food into three categories: positive pranic food, negative pranic food, and zero pranic food. Positive prana means it adds a certain pranic energy to the system when you consume. Negative prana takes away energy from the system. Zero neither adds nor takes away, it’s eaten for taste and lethargy.”

Sadhguru continues: “If you eat positive pranic food, energy will reverberate in a dynamic way.”

Sadhguru’s Approved Food List

It’s relatively rare for Sadhguru to mention specific foods he recommends, however he has mentioned he eats the following foods in various talks: Ash Gourd, Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula, Cucumber, Groundnuts, Neem, Turmeric, Black Sesame, Blueberries, Pomegranate, Sprouted Fenugreek & Sprouted Green Gram, Pickled Olives, and Pickled Raw Mango.

Let's take a look at each food and the purported health benefits according to Sadhguru. 

Ash Gourd

“Particularly some of the things which are very, very positive are the ash gourd. Because the vegetable has such high pranic energy, you put it in front of your home so that there is nice energy. But if there is so much energy to it, isn’t it good to put into you? If you consume a glass of ash gourd juice every day – the number of cancerous cells in your body will dramatically come down, and you will see clearly the sharpness of your intellect will enhance itself. You drink a glass of ash gourd juice, it gives you enormous amounts of energy, at the same time it keeps you very, very calm.”

Cherry Tomatoes

“Cherry Tomatoes are great for fighting free radicals that cause disease, and they also limit the ultraviolet damage that occurs on the skin.”

“They promote greater heart health also. Cherry tomatoes are very rich in minerals, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, things like that.”


“Arugula sprouts which are microgreens, contain a huge concentrated amount of high nutritional punch of antioxidants and vitamins. Up to 40 times higher than regular mature greens. Cancer prevention elements are there in it. It maintains very good eye and bone health, boosts immunity, and protects the liver from damage.”


“Cucumber increases hydration. It is always best that we eat water through the food that consume with high water content foods rather than simply drinking water. It strengthens bone density, very high in Vitamin K, promotes gut health, helps manage blood sugar. It also has proteins that could be somewhat cancer preventive. It improves heart health of course.”


“Soaked groundnuts are not really nuts they are legumes. They are called kadalakai, chennakkai in Southern India. English people call them nuts. They’re not really nuts, they’re legumes. Soaked raw almonds (peeled) and soaked raw walnuts (peeled). The nuts are soaked in water overnight and they are peeled. This eliminates the nutritional inhibitors and other toxic substances as they are absorbed into the water. Without inhibitors and toxic substances, the nutrients of the nuts and seeds are more readily available for our absorption. They are rich in nutrients and healthy fats, lowers the risk of heart disease and regulates blood sugar levels.”

Neem & Turmeric

“Small balls of turmeric and neem freshly ground are rich in antioxidants, very rich in vitamin B. They are very good for taking away the inflammatory markers in your system. To reduce inflammation I mean. They are also great cleansers of your gut if there are any parasites or anything else you don’t need; the bad bacteria that might be there. It also promotes gut health in a big way. Medical science is coming back to this: there is a gut/brain. A significant part of your intelligence functions in your gut.”

Black Sesame

“Black sesame is very rich in antioxidants. Rich source of iron, copper, zinc, Vitamin B, foliate and Vitamin E. Black sesame has been my companion all my life especially on my trekking trips. The roasted black sesame kept me alive and energetic throughout. It also does wonders for your cartilage and joints, encourages hearth health and is part of Southern Indian tradition during Winter time when skin tends to break because of the cold and heat at the same time; we consume sesame at that time. Sesame is also rich in iron, it also assists young women and makes their ovulation process much healthier.”

Blueberries & Pomegranate

“Blueberries and pomegranate are some of the most antioxidant rich foods that you can consume. Reduces DNA damage, protects against aging and cancer. So many berries in India have similar qualities.”

Sprouted Fenugreek & Sprouted Green Gram

“Sprouted Fenugreek, or Methi as it’s known, the seeds are fantastic blood cleansers, good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, very good for lactating mothers, great for nail and hair growth, reduces blood pressure, brings down blood sugar level, lowers inflammation. Sprouted Fenugreek along with Sprouted Green Gram is very, very good for cognitive health.”

Pickled Olives & Pickled Raw Mango

“Both of them have very good antioxidants. There are various types of properties in these. Both are very good for heart health, cardiac health.”

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