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Eddie Abbew Quotes - Gym and Nutrition Advice

Who is Eddie Abbew?

Eddie Abbew is a former bodybuilding competitor, psychiatric nurse and current gym owner who has gained fame on Tik Tok. The fitness enthusiast is known for his advocacy of real foods and his hatred of processed foods. He teaches that eating whole foods and optimizing your diet can heal the majority of illnesses.

Supermarkets beware! Eddie Abbew can often be found in his local grocery store critiquing the ingredients of processed foods. He stresses the importance of eating a diet consisting of whole foods which he deems as “real foods”. The former bodybuilder also supports old school intensity and hard work in the gym. His methods also teach his listeners how to build muscle and lose body fat at the same time.

In this article we’ve collated some of Eddie’s most beneficial quotes to provide you with knowledge on diet, whole foods and building muscle.

Eddie Abbew Quotes, Advice & Motivation

Choose the Right Foods

“Start your day with real food. You’ll feel good!”

“Eat eggs. When you eat an egg 48% of the egg can become tissue. When you eat protein powder it’s 16/17%. Animal protein is better for you.”

“I buy my vegetables from local greengrocers. It’s better quality, it’s cheaper and you get better service as well.”

“Replace everything you eat with real food. Ditch every processed food.”

“You can heal yourself with food”.”

“My favourite thing to cook with is butter, ghee. Don’t use sunflower oil.”

“Processed foods will kill you slowly.”

“Beef liver is a superfood for fat loss and muscle building.”

“Real food is cheaper than you think if you’re prepared to cook.”

“You can heal yourself at any age if you eat correctly.”

“Good fat does not make you fat.”

Importance of Rest

“Sleep and rest are very important. When you’re in the gym you’re not growing any muscle, you’re tearing them. That’s how the body works. The body likes to break things down and build them back up. Make sure you get a decent amount of sleep and take some rest days.”

“Resting is as important as your training.”

How to Lose Body Fat

“If you lose your way don’t worry about it. Draw a line under it. Start the next day.”

“When you start feeling good write down exactly how good you feel. All the off scale benefits, mood has improved, if your energy levels have improved, brain focus has improved, write them all down and write exactly what you’re eating when you started feeling good. So, when you lose your way you can go back there again.”

Optimize Your Training

“We used to go to the gym and fight with the weights. Train hard. We trained until some of us would throw up.”

“Eat within a 10-12 hour window and then fast. When you do that your body releases growth hormone.”

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