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Chris Bumstead Quotes - Gym Advice and Motivation

Who is Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead is a five-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Champion from Ontario, Canada. The bodybuilder fondly known as CBUM has dominated the Classic Physique category in recent years. His physique is a throwback to those seen in the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

While being an elite bodybuilder, CBUM is also a champion with his words. He has a somewhat stoic attitude to life and also puts emphasis on helping to elevate others.

We’ve collected some of his most inspirational, motivational and educational quotes to help you make progress in the gym. His philosophies, views and advice can also be applied to other aspects of your life to help fast-track your self-growth.

Chris Bumstead Quotes, Advice & Motivation

How Many Days a Week Does Chris Bumstead Train?

“Three days on, one day off. Three days on, one day off. Repeat.”

What is Chris Bumstead’s Workout Split?

“A quad dominant leg workout. And I do chest with a little bit of triceps. Back with a little bit of biceps. Then I rest. Then I have a shoulder day with a little bit of chest. Then I have a hamstring day with a little bit of back. Then I have an arm workout. Then I rest.”

Favorite Exercises

These are the most effective exercises Chris Bumstead recommends if you were limited to doing just 10 different exercises for the rest of your life.

“Squats – Overall leg growth. They help glutes, quads, a large portion of the leg.”

“Deadlifts to get something that will target my hamstrings.”

“Pull ups so I can hit my back and biceps in one.”

“Incline dumbbell press as it’s a little easier on your shoulders.”

“Seated dumbbell shoulder press – that’ll help your triceps and shoulders a lot.”

“Close grip flat bench to work a different part of the chest.”

“Dumbbell curls.”

“Bent over row will help stability and core as well, and obviously lower back and upper back.”

“Hanging leg raises to make sure your core’s getting hit.”

“Lateral raises, or overhead tricep extension.”

Advice for Lifters

“Focus on the basics. Focus on the absolute most basic principles of lifting and you will be very successful. Focus on form, execution, mind-muscle connection, contraction, everything like that just at the very best of its ability - you will be a lot stronger for it.”

“The most important thing about bodybuilding is consistency and effort in training.”

“Focus on the basics and the consistency of food and training before absolutely anything.”

“I’ve learned how to be more consistent and efficient with my nutrition, I’ve learned how to push myself harder and be more smart in the gym, and I’ve just been a more effective and better bodybuilder.”

Chris Bumstead - Best Quotes

The Importance of Hard Work & Intensity

“You’re not entitled to anything. You can’t expect anything. You just have to work your absolute hardest.”

“When you’re working hard and finding growth in life – that is where we find passion and fulfilment.”

“Work so hard you want to quit every day. Be so hard you never quit.”

Change Your Perception

“The way you see the world is what the world is.”

“If I focus more on the positive side of things, I’m going to enjoy the reality regardless of the change.”

“Your perception changes everything.”

“It’s a choice and the beautiful things that come from it are what you should be focusing on.”

“You don’t have to be dying to start living.”

Enjoy the Journey

“Most people’s dreams are very external, like champions – they want to win a medal, they want a trophy, want a nice car and all that stuff. And you get it, and you have everything and you realize this isn’t what I wanted.”

“I have accomplished so many of my dreams and realized that there’s still a void missing. The more money I get, the more titles I get, it’s not filling me up more. But then I discovered that over time it’s the effort, it’s the journey.”

“Suffering through time I don’t want to be at the gym or why I want to quit on my diet, and I push myself and every single moment, every day leading up to the show and I win all those moments – that’s winning. That’s winning in life.”

On Dreams & Ambitions

“For everyone out there who’s dreams are scaring you or make you want to quit. Just don’t quit.”

“Your dreams should be big; they should be scary. Just keep pushing through.”

“I want to be my best but I also want to elevate other people in the process.”

Just Keep Going

“Accept what happened and move the f#ck on. That’s what champions do.”

“I have this thing; I say “champion mentality”. It’s not about winning, it’s not about trophies – it’s about having no quit and giving everything you have.”

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