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Become the Next Sam Sulek – What Camera, Lens & Microphone Does He Use?

Sam Sulek has risen to fame in the past year due to his refreshingly down-to-earth Youtube videos. His daily vlogs document his gym workouts and body transformation as he goes through periods of bulking and cutting. While the format of the videos is back-to-basics, the sound quality and video quality are exceptionally high – but what camera, lens and microphone does Sam Sulek use to make his videos?

How much money is Sam Sulek making?

Youtuber Jesse James West predicted how much money Sam Sulek was making from his Youtube videos. West himself has over 3.4 million subscribers on the platform so he has plenty of knowledge on how much money can be made from Youtube monetization.

West stated that Sulek is “probably bringing in a million views per day. That’s 30 million a month.” This has increased further since the interview was posted. West also said, ““He posts like 20 minute to an hour videos so his CPM’s are probably at $10 take home. Possibly $15. His audience is wild.”

CPM is an acronym that stands for “cost per mille”. You’d assume that mille means “million” but it’s in fact the French word for “thousand”. So, CPM means cost per thousand views – this is the amount you get paid from Youtube for every 1,000 views you get.

The following table displays Jesse James West’s calculations:

Sam Sulek’s Estimated Earnings (from Youtube)


Daily Views

Daily Revenue

Monthly Revenue













Even if Sam had a low CPM of $5, which is highly unlikely, he would still be making an eye-watering $150,000 per month just from his Youtube videos. It’s more likely that he’s making around $300,000 per month with a CPM of $10. This figure is likely growing as he gains more and more followers and increases his views as they watch old and new videos.

What camera does Sam Sulek use?

Sam Sulek uses the Sony Alpha ZV-E10 camera to film his videos. The beauty of this camera is its incredible image-stabilization system. It can shoot smooth, clean videos even when the person in the video is moving. This is particularly important for Sam’s videos as his body is constantly moving as he performs each repetition in the gym. With this camera you don’t have to worry about videos being blurry due to this superior-quality stabilization feature.

What camera does Sam Sulek use - Ascendment

Another great feature of the Alpha ZV-E10 is its Face Priority Auto Exposure. This feature automatically brightens your face. Even when walking or moving the camera detects your face and makes adjustments to keep it brightly lit. This feature even works when moving through light or shadow or moving from outdoors to indoors. If you’re filming a video and the lighting changes due to the sun going in for example, the camera automatically adapts to maintain high quality lighting. Sam utilizes the different lighting settings to enhance the look of his physique when he does a pump check in the mirror. 

Sony Alpha ZV-E10 on Amazon - Sam Sulek

The camera has automatic and precise focus. It automatically tracks your face and eyes to maintain a steady focus. It doesn’t wander off onto other subjects. You can change the focus of the video by touching the LCD monitor and the camera will use AI-enabled real-time tracking to track the subject you choose.

What camera lens does Sam Sulek use?

Sam Sulek uses a Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM Camera Lens. It’s a versatile, high-performance lens that is the ideal fit for videographers as well as photographers. This lens combines stunning image quality, smooth autofocus, and fast aperture. It perfectly balances compactness with being robust.

The GM label signifies Sony's highest optical quality with the lens creating crisp, ultra-professional-looking videos. It provides excellent corner-to-corner performance and minimizes distortion.

What camera lens does Sam Sulek use - Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 Camera Lens on Amazon

Videographers need a wide range when it comes to a lens. The 16-35mm range of the Sony FE F2.8 GM hits the sweet spot for videos. It shoots wide landscapes and tighter shots with equal quality. This means you can shoot wide action shots as well as close ups of yourself without having to laboriously swap lenses.

Low-light shooting can be difficult but the wide aperture of the Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM lens lets in loads of light. The lens’ autofocus system is ideal for taking fast-paced action shots or maintaining focus during scenes of dialogue.

With such pro-level features you’d expect the lens to be pretty heavy, but it’s surprisingly compact and lightweight. This makes it easily manoeuvrable when shooting as well as being great for traveling light.  

Sony state that the seamless communication between the lens and camera also contributes to making your post-production more efficient.

What microphone does Sam Sulek use?

The microphone attached to Sam Sulek’s famous baseball cap is part of the Rode Wireless GO II Wireless Microphone System. The GO II is a versatile and user-friendly microphone system that is perfect for content creators and videographers who want high-quality audio in a compact and affordable package.

What microphone does Sam Sulek use - Ascendment

The transmitter and receiver are both small and lightweight making them ideal for videographers, vloggers and Tik Tokers. They easily clip to your clothing or hat in Sam’s case.

Don’t let the compact nature of the Rode Wireless GO II deceive you. The system delivers broadcast quality audio even with its small size. It captures clear, crisp dialogue with ease.

This microphone system provides high-quality audio while being ideal for beginners. There is no complicated setup required, the Go II is plug-and-play. Just pair the transmitter and receiver and clip the mic to you or the person you’re filming and you’re off!

Rode Wireless Go II on Amazon - Sam Sulek

As content creation continues to progress, new styles of content are becoming popular. The GO II is the "go-to" whether you’re creating solo Tik Tok videos of yourself, doing podcasts or interviewing people due to its ability to connect to a variety of devices. It can connect to cameras, smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The GO II possesses an incredible seven hours of battery life. It also includes a quick charge function if to boost your levels back up when you’re low on battery.

This version of the GO II can only record one audio source at a time. So, if you have two people in a video we recommend opting for the Dual System version. For the extra $30 dollars this is probably the better option as it gives you more flexibility and you aren't limited to recording audio from just one person. 

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