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Andrew Huberman – Tongkat Ali Will Boost Your Testosterone

Testosterone levels are at an all-time low with levels significantly decreasing the older we get. Many men are opting for TRT, but an ancient Southeast Asian herb, recommended by Andrew Huberman, known as Tongkat Ali is proving to be a natural alternative when it comes to raising testosterone levels.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement extracted from a Southeast Asian shrub. The supplement is known for its potential to boost testosterone levels in both men and women.

The supplement is extracted from the Eurycoma longifolia Jack shrub which is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Tongkat Ali has been used in traditional medicine in these countries for centuries. It’s used for its ability to enhance vitality and wellbeing in both sexes.

Within traditional medicine in these Southeast Asian countries, Tongkat Ali is used to improve sexual function in men, as well as to boost stamina, and overall energy levels. The same practitioners recommend it to improve fertility and energy levels in women. They believe the positive benefits stem from the invigorating effects the plant has on the whole body.

The ancient remedy has gained mainstream attention in recent years with Andrew Huberman stating that Tongkat Ali increases the production of free testosterone by binding to sex-hormone-binding-globulin (SHBG). This process frees up more testosterone to circulate in the bloodstream.

What are the Benefits of Tongkat Ali?

Andrew Huberman states that the main benefit of supplementing Tongkat Ali is its ability to raise testosterone levels. The increase in testosterone in the body from taking Tongkat Ali is linked to higher libido, increased energy, improved wellbeing, and an increase in effort when it comes to work and tasks.

The neuroscientist recommended Tongkat Ali and another herb called Fadogia Agrestis to a friend who was showing very low testosterone levels after taking bloodwork. The results were astonishing with Huberman stating that “he experienced as much as 600 nanograms per decilitre increase from where he was before which is very dramatic. It was a near tripling of where his testosterone had started.”

A 2013 study, consisting of 32 men and 31 women taking Tongkat Ali for 4 weeks, showed a 37% average increase in testosterone status. In addition, their cortisol exposure was reduced by 16%. The study measured other stress symptoms and results showed an 11% decrease in tension, 12% decrease in anger, and a 15% decrease in confusion across the group that took the supplement.

As you can imagine, an increase in testosterone has benefits for those trying to build muscle. A 2019 study reported that a 200mg daily consumption of Tongkat Ali extract for 8 weeks showed an increase in overall muscular strength and an increase in peak power output for a group of 40 adult males aged 19-25.

Another study had similar results finding that the test group saw an increase in muscle strength, muscle growth and Fat-Free Mass (FFM) after taking a 100mg dose of Tongkat Ali for 5 weeks.

Andrew Huberman's Tongkat Ali Dosage

Andrew Huberman states that about 400mg of Tongkat Ali per day has the effect of raising free testosterone and overall testosterone by about 100-200 points. He recommends using between 200 milligrams to 600 milligrams per day. The studies above show results can be obtained from as little as 100mg per day.

The neuroscientist suggests that you should “scale according to body size although start with the minimum amount and find the minimal effective dose for you.” He recommends starting at the lower end of the recommended dosage and slowly increasing the dose if you don’t experience any benefits.

Tongkat Ali can be beneficial for both men and women. If you are female stay closer to the lower end of the dosage recommendation.

Huberman recommends taking Tongkat Ali in the morning as it has an energizing effect that could interfere with sleep. He also says that “to my knowledge Tongkat Ali does not need to be cycled. Meaning you don't have to take periods of time off from it.”


Tongkat Ali is an ancient remedy that has been used for centuries in countries in Southeast Asia. The supplement is extracted from the Eurycoma longifolia Jack shrub. In traditional medicine it was and still is used to improve sexual function in men and fertility in women, as well as increasing energy levels in both sexes.

The supplement has become popular in mainstream health and fitness circles as studies have proven that it increases testosterone levels in the body. This has a positive effect on libido, energy levels, mood and all-round wellbeing. The increase in testosterone can also help strength and muscle gains.

Andrew Huberman recommends supplementing with Tongkat Ali if you have low testosterone levels. Both men and women can take it. His recommended dosage is between 200mg and 600mg and it’s better to start at the lower end of this recommendation. If you see no effects, start to slowly scale up the dosage but don’t go above 600mg. Positive results involving muscle mass and strength have been found in studies using as little as 100mg per day.

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